Contact lenses are now available for most prescriptions

We fit soft daily/fortnightly/monthly and longer replacement schemes. Gas permeable lenses are available, as are multifocal lenses.

Following an Eye Examination, if contact lenses are considered to be the appropriate option you will be booked in for an initial assessment to look in more detail at the eyes surface. Measurements will be taken and trial lenses assessed on the eye. Full instructions will be given on handling and looking after the lenses and a follow up appointment will be arranged. Several follow up appointments may be necessary for the more complex lenses.

Full quotations on the prices will be given before you start. All our prices include an aftercare element, which means any emergency or follow up appointments throughout the year are covered in the lens price.


  • Once you are successfully wearing your lenses an annual aftercare is recommended for a small fee of £13.50
  • If a full private eye examination is performed at the same time then the cost is £25 + £13.50 = £38.50